Up To Date Laundry was acquired in 1946 by William Stair Sr. for $3000 which he borrowed from his mother. Mr. Stair was successful salesman for Wyandotte Chemical Corporation which specialized in commercial laundry clients.

 In the early days, Up To Date serviced ships from New York that were docked in the Baltimore Harbor as well as residential laundry and dry cleaning customers. In 1960, Mr. Stair had a vision to expanding his business to service hospitals in the local market, so he purchased the state-of-the-art equipment needed and was off to the races.

Mr. Stair was a civic leader in Baltimore and actively ran Up To Date until 1993. He died in1994 and passed the business on to his daughter Nancy Stair.

Nancy has continued the family legacy. Up To Date laundry out grew its production facility in 1998 and relocated to its current location which is three times the size of the building where the company began. In 1996 Nancy was listed as one of the top 25 women owned business in Baltimore. She said that “Up To Date shall always be a family business. This is an industry where personal relationships mean everything to us and our clients”.