Up To Date Laundry

Up to Date Laundry – Is one of the largest healthcare laundries on the east coast, processing close to 60 million pounds of linen each year. We were named in the top 25 “Women Owned Business” in Baltimore. We offer rental, customer owned goods processing and full exchange cart programs for hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our focus is to partner with our customers to maximize their linen utilization by implementing customized programs that will be cost effective and enhance patient satisfaction. Up To date Laundry operates a fully redundant plant with a complete disaster recovery plan that includes a power generator that operates the entire plant, on site fuel that can service delivery trucks and employees for weeks and a fully stocked warehouse that can supply our customer product at a moment’s notice. We recycle 90% of all waste and have multiple “GREEN” initiatives throughout our facility.
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Up To Date Healthcare

Up To Date Healthcare – Is a division of Up To Date Laundry. We offer a full line of healthcare linens, lab coats, cubical curtains, scrubs, mats and microfiber mops. We service hospitals, doctor offices, surgery centers, and research facilities. Up To Date Healthcare uses state of the art RFID technology to track its lab coats and other products to ensure that you always receive complete deliveries. All of our products are processed in our HLAC certified facility, with wash formulas that address specific requirements for each of the different item. This gives our customers “PEACE OF MIND” that their healthcare linens are always clean and germ free. Our products are always delivered by our professional and courteous service team in fully sanitized vehicles.

UTD Consulting

Up To Date Consulting – Provides knowledgeable experts with more than 150 years of expertise in the Healthcare laundry industry. The objective of our team is to support our client in making a dramatic shift in management thinking, make improvements in the performance of its operations to address their most challenging issues and refine strategies that will impact the overall quality of their laundry program. UTD Consulting reviews your business from the standpoint of the patient, nursing, facilities, hospital operations, and linen distribution. We offer full contract review and will support the leadership team in holding your suppliers accountable for what they promise. We will help identify failures in the laundry process from a JCAHO point of view and build process to drive efficiencies. We offer services to manage your On Premise Laundry, linen distribution or supply staffing to do the linen distribution throughout the hospital.
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Up To Date Laundry is proud to hold their HLAC Certification, which is granted from the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council.  The benefits of being accredited are that an independent third party inspected our laundry organization and found that it meets the highest standards for processing healthcare textiles. 


 UTD holds their TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification, recognizing a companies’ commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection. This process eliminates subjectivity by focusing on outcomes and results that verify textiles cleaned in these facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices across all market segments.


UTD is TRSA Clean Green Certification recognizing companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation to protect the environment. The program acknowledges a textile service company’s continuing commitment to improving efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adoption of best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources